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Introducing - Advertiser URL Builder


The most time-consuming task, while setting up campaigns is adding advertiser tracking links with the right tokens against advertisers’ parameters and doing the same things while sharing your postback.
But, you can make this lengthy process fast and easy with advertiser URL builder - a newly added tools by Offer18 Moreover, you don't need to add tokens while sharing a postback. You can get your postback by clicking on this that you need to share with your advertiser.

The benefits of Using Advertiser URL Builders

  • Don’t need to be more technical because most people struggle while adding tokens and parameters, But URL builders will make it simple and easy.
  • Lots of time can be saved.
  • Mistakes can be minimized because links will be generated automatically.
  • You don’t need to ask your advertiser about their parameters.
  • One can request more partners also by contacting our technical support team.
One can request more partners also by contacting our technical support team.

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