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Affiliate World Europe (AW Barcelona)


Affiliate World Europe is one of the two events that comprise the Affiliate World Conference, which is one of the greatest and most prestigious marketing events in the world, attended by top marketing leaders and experts from all over the world. This event provides numerous learning and networking opportunities as well as connect all aspiring and highly experienced marketers so they can share their experiences and learn from one another.

This is a fantastic event where speakers discuss pioneering strategies and provide agency-building approaches. You'll discover sales funnel blueprints, automation hacks, and real-world case studies of how businesses are actively working with big brands. It is a gathering spot for newcomers and professionals to network, learn, and advance in the industry. You will network with the industry's brightest minds and be exposed to mastermind-level information on stage and on the exhibition floor, all of which will lead to opportunities for your business growth.

This year, the AW Europe event is taking place in Barcelona. Around 3650 attendees will meet the world's best marketers, digital agencies, and entrepreneurs from over 110 countries for two days of uplifting, thought-provoking, ground-breaking spoken content. Experts will take the stage to discuss new insights, data-driven techniques, and creative ideas about affiliate and e-commerce marketing.


Affiliate World Europe commonly known as AW Europe usually held in the Barcelona, Spain

Hours of operation

9 a.m. to 6 p.m (General)

General Date

This event usually takes place at the beginning of July. In 2022, it is scheduled for 6th-7th of July


2 Days Event

Who Should Attend This Event?

This event provides marvelous opportunities for all the people involved in affiliate marketing and its related areas. If you are

  • Performance Marketer

  • Advertising Firm

  • Influencer

  • E-commerce Entrepreneur

  • Content Creator

  • Digital Marketing Agency

Or if you are indirectly related to affiliate marketing or have some experience in this field, then this event will definitely prove to be beneficial for you.

Topics of Discussion in the latest AW Europe Event

There will be several topics of discussion at the fantastic event, which will be held on July 6-7, 2022 in Barcelona. These topics are: Facebook Ads Track, Google Ads, Native Ads, Email Marketing Tracks, Tiktok Ads, and the latest topics in affiliate marketing.

Why Should You Attend AW Europe Event?

The Affiliate World Europe has a lot to offer for newbies and even experienced professionals. The following are the few benefits that provide you green signal and sufficient reasons to attend the Barcelona event.

  1. An opportunity to connect with field professionals

    Connecting and networking with other professionals in the same business might assist you in determining new techniques for achieving effective outcomes. You can also meet people with similar thoughts and interests and share your experiences with them. They may, in turn, provide you with valuable business insights based on their own experiences.

  2. Familiar with market trends

    Affiliate marketing is an extremely diverse and dynamic industry with constant development. New and seasoned professionals come up with cutting-edge technology, which later becomes industry trends. As a result, such events are necessary to learn about advanced technology used by marketers and industry professionals.

  3. Learning opportunities from seasonal professionals

    In Barcelona, various sessions are led by prominent professionals on all of the latest marketing and advertising subjects. As a result, this will change your perspective of thinking and you will undoubtedly discover many new tactics and insights from them.

  4. Latest advancements and innovations

    Thousands of industry professionals attend Affiliate World Europe to take advantage of insights on the latest advancements and industry innovations so that they can also adopt the new ways of doing business and get maximum personal benefit from the event exposure offered.

  5. Making Business Deals

    In events like Affiliate World Europe, socialization and communication skills play a crucial role. The more effective your communication, the more likely you are to develop solid bonds. If you're fortunate, you might be able to strike some lucrative partnerships with some of the reputed marketing and advertising companies.

  6. Prospects of obtaining important takeaways to boost revenues

    Excellent networking opportunities, informative insights, innovative ideas, like-minded people, and a wholesome environment are what you’ll experience. You can take key takeaways from the knowledge gathered and strategies learned from the event and, if you implement those learnings in a better way, then it will boost your ROI, which will ultimately lead to your business growth.

Various Options of Participation in AW Barcelona

Affiliate World Europe provides various choices of participation based on one’s business suitability. They are, as a

  • Sponsor

  • Speaker

  • Media House

  • Attendee

  • Exhibitor


Affiliate World Europe is the world's biggest performance and e-commerce marketing event. This fantastic event will bring together marketers from all over the world, with thousands of industry professionals turning up to take advantage of superb networking opportunities, insights, and guidance on how to improve the bottom line.

This event can prove to be a very useful and rewarding experience if you are in the affiliate marketing or advertising industry, or if you are indirectly involved in affiliate marketing. In addition to meeting a lot of individuals who belong to your field, you'll be able to build contacts, share your experiences, learn new strategies, and even sign up for exclusive deals with some of the top brands.

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