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Israel Mobile Summit (IMS)


The Israel Mobile Summit is Israel's highest-ranked annual mobile event, a genuine celebration of the mobile industry that gathers the greatest and most brilliant mobile minds! Attendees from a diverse range of mobile industry professionals and companies attend the summit to acknowledge presentations from mobile industry leaders around the world.

This includes keynote presentations and panels on a wide range of subjects. They are mobile innovation, monetization, advancements, mobile startup competitions, and opportunities for industry networking.

The Israel Mobile Summit is the must-attend event for everybody involved in the app/game/ad-tech ecosystem. There are sessions on how to monetize apps with advertising and in-app purchases. These sessions also provide informative insights on how to get more users, maintain them, and analyze their statistics.

After two years of virtual events, it is finally happening in person in 2022. This year's summit will include high-quality content about the mobile/games/adtech space, as well as numerous networking prospects such as pre-scheduled 1x1 meetings, booths, and much more.

For Whom is This Event Being Held?

This summit is primarily for gaming publishers, ad networks, agencies, mobile attribution platforms, developers, entrepreneurs, and many more. At the summit, attendees will find valuable content and peers to network with.

  • Frequency

    It is organized annually, usually in the month of May or June.

  • Hours of Operation

    General timings are 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM

  • Scope


  • Place

    It generally takes place in the Expo Tel Aviv in Israel

  • Edition

    This year it will be the 12th edition of the Israel Mobile Summit

The Startup Contest

The Israel Mobile Summit organizes a startup contest that allows 20 lucky startups to exhibit for free at Israel's largest mobile event! One can participate in the event by simply filling out a Google form available on the official website, but one must make sure to read all the provided instructions thoroughly before participating. Finalists will receive their own free mini-booth, tickets, a 5-minute pitch, and excellent PR.

The Mobile Event's 1x1 In-person Meeting System

One of the great attributes has always been the opportunity to pre-schedule meetings with the other summit attendees. The way it works is quite simple. One can explore the list of attendees and invite them to a meeting; if they accept, both meet physically at a designated table.

This year, the 1x1 meetings system will be available just around 2 weeks before the event and you'll need either a business or a VIP ticket to have it!


The Israel Mobile Summit is Israel's premier mobile event, and you can participate alongside leading sponsors. This summit offers sponsorship packages with varying levels of exposure. So this is your chance to put your brand in front of the right people.


The Israel Mobile Summit makes an agenda each year to give attendees a rough idea of what to expect from the event and who will speak when. The aforementioned agenda can be used to plan one's schedule.

Benefits You Will Get by Attending the Israel Mobile Summit

There are endless benefits that you will get by attending the Israel Mobile Summit. Some of them are as provided above:

  1. Enormous networking opportunities

    This summit is an excellent opportunity to network with industry people around every corner of the world, which enhances the opportunities for collaboration with mobile industry professionals and experts.

  2. The greatest prospects of learning from industry professionals

    Huge learning prospects are attached along with the other benefits of joining the summit. Beyond the topics mentioned in the agenda, you will be introduced to the experiences and game-changing strategies of the big business giants that will definitely help you in one way or the other.

  3. Assist in keeping up-to-date with the latest trends

    The mobile industry is constantly changing and evolving. To keep up-to-date with the latest trends and ideas, one must attend such fantastic and educational events and operate their business accordingly.

  4. Numerous benefits of the startup contest

    If you have a startup related to developing mobile apps or games, then you have an excellent opportunity to get a free mini booth along with 2 tickets to the Israel Mobile Summit. Isn’t it jaw-dropping?

  5. Innovation and growth

    If we summarize the purpose of the Mobile Summit in one sentence, then it would be "New areas of innovation and growth in the industry worldwide." All the industry experts attend the summit and speak up about the innovation and areas of improvement, which ultimately helps the attendees to achieve the target of growth.


When it comes to the mobile industry, we all understand the significance of innovations and upgrades, and the Israel Mobile Summit meets this importance and need for information by discussing all of the trending topics related to the mobile industry, including new upgrades, innovation, and advancement.

As a part of the event, you will explore the latest developments in the mobile ad market, as well as the new modes and tactics available for app and game developers. If you are new to the industry or started earlier but still not getting the revenue you expect, then joining this event can prove to be a transformational step towards the journey of your success!

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