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India Affiliate Summit (IAS) - New Delhi


The India Affiliate Summit is the ideal place for discussing the latest innovations and debating the implications of affiliate marketing. IAMAI founded this conference to bring the Affiliate better-known Performance Marketing Industry together by providing informative sessions on the latest industry issues as well as networking prospects for affiliate marketers.

It is a leading affiliate marketing event that draws together the industry's greatest minds to network and spread knowledge; a floor brimming with prospects to propel the company forward. It is the premier meeting place for affiliate marketing leaders. This is where the industry's relevant stakeholders and influencers capitalize on this massive opportunity to ramp up opportunities available by corroborating and collaborating with one another.

In today's digital world, where the affiliate market is becoming one of the leading modes of economic and financial development, it is growing in popularity, and there is an immediate requirement for new outlets to maximize ROI. That is where the India Affiliate Summit comes in with the theme "Get, Set, Affiliate," with the explicit intent of facilitating knowledge and bringing forward some factual information that is frequently suppressed for unforeseen reasons.


The India Affiliate Summit is organized annually in the month of August or September. In 2021, it was held virtually, which brought together the 3000+ delegates, 700+ companies, and 50+ exhibitors at the Summit.


The India Affiliate Summit is usually organized in Delhi and its nearby places. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was held virtually in 2021. The virtual exhibition floor was completely dedicated to affiliate marketers, including publishers, brands, ad networks, bloggers, agencies, and much more.


The timings are often 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Every year, the India Affiliate Summit creates an agenda to give attendees a raw idea of what to expect from the event and who will take the stage. One can plan their schedules in accordance with the aforesaid agenda.

For Whom This Event is Organized?

This event is held for every person concerned with affiliate marketing and its associated areas, commonly:-

  • Leading Brand Representatives

  • Top Ad Networks

  • Rapidly Expanding Traffic Sources

  • Bloggers and Influencers

  • Publishers

Why You Should Attend the India Affiliate Summit?

This question always arises in people's minds: why do they spend their valuable time traveling to attend the event? Is it worth their time, effort, and money? Then here are the answers to your questions.

  1. To build strong professional bonds through streamlined networking opportunities where you can meet thousands of people from all over the world at some point and actually work with them.

  2. To gain knowledge from the experts at the affiliate masterclass where you will be exposed to a variety of expert viewpoints. It's often the journey of others that motivates and compels us to work even harder, so this event could be a watershed moment in your life.

  3. To discover new channels and discover more about the latest trends and ideas It is the best platform for staying up-to-date on the latest technological advancements in advertising and affiliate marketing.

  4. To produce massive lead generation and close game-changing deals With marketers all around the world, the India affiliate summit can prove to be a life-changing experience for you.

  5. To expand your monetization options and assist you in developing a better ROI This event brings everything together under one roof, and it is up to the attendee to figure out how to get the most out of the event.

Opportunities of Participation in the IAS

There are numerous ways to maximize the value of attending the India Affiliate Summit event. They are, as a

  • Partner

  • Supporter
  • Exhibitor
  • Speaker
  • Visitor

There are various benefits you will experience after joining the India Affiliate Summit. A few of them are stated below:-

  1. Attendees can grab the opportunity to network with high-level decision-makers and work with field professionals.

  2. It is the best way to scrutinize opportunities in this underutilized marketing channel to make business more profitable.

  3. For those looking to form new ties and collaborations with affiliate networks and publishers, this event will prove to be a transformational opportunity for their businesses.

  4. One can discover new ways to socialize with suitable folks who will help their business prosper in order to understand more about the updated technology and advancement prospects in an ever-growing market.

  5. This event will widen the network with a wide range of participating brands from various industries.

  6. One can enlarge their reach in the industry by emphasizing their involvement in the affiliate marketplace.

  7. If you want to establish and promote yourself as an industry leader, then this event is surely meant to fulfill your desires and prove to be a life-changing opportunity for you.


So, if you want to establish and promote yourself as an industry leader, then this event is surely meant to fulfill your desires and prove to be a life-changing opportunity for you. It will enhance networking opportunities and provide you with more knowledge about the trends and advancements in the advertising and affiliate marketing industries. The conference offers an excellent opportunity to connect with advertising and marketing professionals as well as influential representatives. It will allow you to learn from brilliant minds while also keeping you up-to-date on the latest technological innovations in an ever-changing market!

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