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DMIEXPO (Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo) - Israel


The Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo is the premier worldwide affiliate marketing conference, which is usually held in Tel Aviv, Israel. With more than 2800 attendees from all around the world, this event has established another benchmark for quality networking opportunities. This is the best opportunity for followers, newbies, and affiliate marketers to meet the leading digital and performance marketing professionals and executives, including lead generation experts, at these unique events.

The biggest and most rapidly expanding digital marketing conference, DMIEXPO, brings together eminent affiliate marketers and digital marketing experts on a single floor of amazing people. The top affiliates and businessmen get an incredible opportunity to network with experts in their industry and acquire knowledge from the world's top speakers. The idea behind organizing this huge event is to provide attendees with the opportunity to network with top executives, affiliates, partners, lead generation experts, and new business possibilities.

  • Frequency


  • Duration

    Two-Day Event

  • Place

    It is usually organized in Tel-Aviv, Israel

  • Date

    It is generally held in the month of November.
    In the year 2022, it is going to be held on November 13-14

Who Attends the DMIEXPO in Israel?

  • Top Affiliates and Performance Marketing Professionals
  • Brands, Advertisers, and Product Owners
  • Influencers
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing experts
  • Media Buyers
  • Entrepreneurs

Is DMIEXPO 2022 Worth Attending?

There are endless reasons for not missing 2022’s event, which is going to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel on November 13–14. What you expect from this event is:-

  • Area Of Exhibition
  • Zone for Meetings and Networking
  • Partners, Sponsors, and Affiliates
  • Affordable Dine-In & Hosting
  • Incredible After-Party
  • Latest Informational Content

Benefits of Attending the Event

This event is a marvelous opportunity for brands, affiliates, entrepreneurs, and others who are interested in affiliate marketing and its related areas. Because of the greater opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing, this event is attended by more than 2,500 digital marketers and affiliates. There are many advantages to attending this event. A few of them are discussed below:-

  • An Opportunity to Connect with Marketing Professionals:- Digital marketing conferences provide networking opportunities to connect with marketing professionals all over the world. Networking, knowledge sharing, and skills learning with brilliant industry people are some of the greatest benefits of attending this conference.

  • Up-to-date Informational Content:- One of the greatest advantages such events possess is the ability to give up-to-date informational content to their attendees. Speakers are selected on the basis of experience and knowledge they have acquired so that their knowledge sharing can enhance their skills and let the participants think outside the box.

  • Prospects of Brand Awareness:- The participation opportunity as a sponsor and exhibitor open the door to wider brand awareness. Every product displayed attracts the attention of every attendee, and they show their interest if it has the potential to serve their needs. Hence, this event plays a vital role in taking the brand from local to international.

  • Tendency to Increase Lead Generation:- Knowledge gained and skills learned from industry experts around every corner and implied the same in business has a tendency to increase the ROI. Actions and strategies adopted at the right time with the right technique are enough to make a business stand still in the competitive market.

  • Knowledge About the Latest Trends and Innovation:- Marketers who think attending this event is a waste of time and effort, in reality, live in illusion and run their businesses in isolation. Such events offer a spectacular opportunity to gain knowledge about the latest market trends and innovations in the industry. Running a business with a trend is bliss, and only this ability makes one business more profitable than another.

  • Learning New Skills from Industry Professionals:- DMIEXPO is usually held in the month of November in the beautiful city of Tel Aviv. Learning new skills from the industry giants in this fascinating place is the best opportunity one should never miss. After the scheduled event, attendees can go sightseeing and bless their eyes with the ironic beauty of Israel.

  • Chances of Collaboration and Partnership:- One of the most significant reasons why more than 2800 people attend this event is the networking prospects it holds. Knowledge sharing and network building can work quite well together and can end up with the once-in-a-lifetime chance of collaboration and partnership with industry professionals.

Opportunities for Participation in DMIEXPO

This digital marketing conference provides a lot of participation opportunities to get the best out of this world event. Overall, it is a fantastic opportunity for networking, brand awareness, and knowledge sharing.
One can take part as an:

  • Sponsor
  • Speaker
  • Exhibitor
  • Media- House
  • Attendee

Sponsorship Opportunities along with Speakers and Exhibitors in DMIEXPO 2022

In DMIEXPO, if one participates as a sponsor, then they can take advantage of this unique, high-impact marketing opportunity to reach the most influential digital marketing experts in the world. Sponsors of this event get the benefit of the exceptional, spectacular, and superior marketing potential available for connecting with top-tier, professional international affiliates, digital marketers, traffic sources, and clients for your organization.

Speakers play a crucial role in the Digital Marketing International Expo by providing participants with useful information. Speakers and panels for the Digital Marketing International Expo are chosen based on the information and experience they can convey to attendees. They provide participants with a variety of high-quality content.

And as an exhibitor, your product will be highlighted and noticed by every participant, which opens the door for collaboration and partnership opportunities with the big industry giants. Being this largest event’s speaker is an award in itself. It will subsequently boost the following and, as an attendee, one can learn from the strategies and experiences of the successful professionals and opt for similar tactics or better than theirs to maximize their own business revenue.


Success in digital marketing can be attained in a variety of ways. Attending the event is one way to discover how successful marketers actually operate and how you might use similar tactics to grow your business. The event's magnificent panels will include a number of speakers who will share a wide variety of thoughts and outlooks. The participants and media houses covering the event get plenty of opportunities for questions and discussions with other attendees who can help them develop their own ideas. Additionally, you will receive straightforward information without any commercials or sales promos during this splendid event. So, if you want to take your business to the next level, then you must attend this event!

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DMIEXPO (Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo) - Israel

The Digital & Affiliate Marketing International Expo is the premier worldwide affiliate marketing conference, which is usually held in Tel Aviv

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