Affiliate Summit East - New York

Affiliate Summit East - New York

Affiliate Summit East is the biggest performance marketing event in the world, held annually in the most magnificent part of New York City. Over 3,000 of the top e-commerce businessmen, affiliates, media buyers, networks, and tech vendors join the top performance marketing conference, which brings together ambitious and creative business leaders under one roof.

Affiliate Summit is one of the greatest ways to get face-to-face interactions with industry professionals, share your views, and learn from their knowledge and experience. In addition to that, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn a lot by attending educational seminars and networking events. Numerous strategic seminars are conducted by ASE to educate participants on how to expand their advertising campaigns, increase client retention, improve their customer experience, and a lot more!

Held in person in 2022, this event provided access to next-level networking, which helped brands and entrepreneurs to develop and strengthen their businesses in the internet market.


It is usually held in New-York City of
United States


It generally takes place in the month of May
In the year 2022, it was held on May 24-25




Accustomed timings of the event are 9 AM to 5 PM




Two-Day Event

Who Attends the Affiliate Summit East?

Being one of the leading affiliate marketing summits, it is attended by thousands of people belonging to every sector of the market. We have covered the most common categories of people who attend the event. They are:-

  • Advertisers

  • Publishers/Affiliates

  • Ad Networks

  • Performance Marketing Solutions

  • Agencies and their Representatives

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Influencers

  • Traffic Sources

  • Media Buyers

  • Bloggers and other Content Creators

Highlights of Attending this Event

  1. A Variety of Networking Opportunities

    The networking opportunities at the ASE Meet Market are unmatched. Thousands of people attend the event to meet the successful entrepreneurs and learn from their strategies and experiences. Networking opens various doors for the growth of a business and to unlock the door, attending this event is the key.

  2. Branding and Advertisement Prospects

    Sponsorship is the most effective way to promote brands internationally. This event provides many opportunities for sponsorship where the brand logo will be showcased to all the event attendees, and if it offers the value they were looking for, then it can turn into a quality lead.

  3. Partnerships and Collaborations

    One can meet, communicate, and collaborate with industry professionals in various avenues organized under the roof of a single event, such as a meet market, exhibition hall, affiliate ball, workshops, and many more. If you're an affiliate or media buyer seeking to broaden your business through alliances, then this is a must attend event for you.

  4. Informative Seminars and Workshops

    Education and knowledge sharing are the key features of this event. Informative workshops held during the summit will help you find profitable niches, make your website mobile-friendly, boost your return on investment, develop successful SEO tactics, make the most of social media and influencer marketing, and much more!

  5. Quality Lead Generation

    ASE is the simplest and most effective way to generate quality leads within the span of two days. Attendees at ASE22 are surrounded by the top affiliates, media buyers, e-commerce business owners, social platform owners, networks, traffic sources, and tech vendors. Every single attendee of this event holds the position of the prospective client and can be converted into leads.

Various Ways of Participation in the Splendid Summit:-

There are many participation opportunities provided to all the attendees to get the maximum exposure and benefit from this event. One can participate in this event as a:-

  • Sponsor

  • Exhibitor

  • Media House

  • Speaker

  • Visitor

What Unique Features of ASE22 Set it Apart from Other Summits?

  1. Meet Market:- The affiliate meet market is the ideal place if you're looking to generate thousands of leads for your business in the simplest and easiest way possible. This is not the official meeting place but a fast-paced networking event that is attended by more than 80,000 people who belong to the same affiliate marketing industry.

    They attend ASE22 in search of innovative strategies for succeeding online and edging out the competition. These meetups include a variety of topics, including media buying, gaming, cryptocurrency and NFTs, beauty, and more! One of the biggest advantages of the meet market is that you'll be able to learn and network with affiliate marketers and successful business tycoons that can accelerate the growth of your brand all in one location.

  2. Sponsorship Opportunities:- According to the most recent study, brands that raise their hand to sponsor in the required areas earn revenue of around $2 million. Yes! You read it right. Sponsorship also plays a crucial role in generating the largest ROI for your business. If you’re looking to:-

    • Engage with the huge digital marketing audience
    • Generate quality leads
    • Introduce new products in the market
    • Build Brand Recognition

    Then you must not lose the opportunity to hold the crown of sponsor when you next attend the Affiliate Summit East.

  3. Official Party:- Without the Affiliate Ball after-party, the Affiliate Summit of 2022 would have been left unfinished. An informal networking area to chit-chat and develop relationships.

    Additionally, a day before the event, an affiliate pre-show party was organized. An incomparable networking opportunity in the captivating town of New York was something that can not be explained with appropriate words.

  4. Affiliate Summit App:- At the Affiliate Summit East 2022, various ways to network with the registered participants, browse the agenda, interact with sponsors and exhibitors, and arrange private meetings were permissible via the official event app. Through the official event app, private meeting tables were reserved by choosing the individual to meet with and selecting an available time slot.


Affiliate Summit East is the best event for networking and learning from successful industry professionals. These professionals will reveal how they successfully changed their company's direction to succeed in the new era of e-commerce and how you can do the same to take your business to the top heights. The right audience, the right approach, and the right service offered at this event deserve huge appreciation.

This event will provide you with all the information about the latest trends, developments, and innovations in the industry and teach you various strategies to opt for your business. So, if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, develop partnerships with affiliates or advertisers, and have a wonderful time while doing it, then attending Affiliate Summit East is undoubtedly a fantastic idea.

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