Integrate Facebook Ads with Offer18 to Get it Optimized

Integrate Facebook Ads with Offer18 to Get it Optimized

Integrate your Facebook Ads Pixel into Offer18 in a few simple steps to begin tracking Facebook Ads Performance and pushing it to Facebook Ads Manager for optimization.

Facebook advertising enables many small businesses to grow online nowadays, from gaining new clients to increasing brand exposure. Using Facebook advertising, your company can benefit greatly from Facebook. There are billions of users on Facebook, and the majority of them visit their pages frequently. As a result, one of the most significant advantages of Facebook advertising is that your target audience uses it frequently. The main objective of Facebook advertising for businesses is to generate the most conversions at the lowest budget.

The foremost task to achieve your goal while using Facebook advertisements is the campaign. Here, you'll decide what your advertising objective is, or what you hope your advertisement will accomplish. After a campaign that directed visitors to a sales page and aimed to reach audiences with similar interests, you split-test each conceivable parameter. You still have to struggle to get the outcomes you desire. Real-time performance tracking is the component of your strategy that is lacking. Numerous data points, including the click metric, which counts all clicks on links that direct viewers to destination URLs or landing page views when sending them to a sales page, can be taken into account when optimizing your Facebook ads.

Real-time analysis in the Offer18 dashboard by placing Facebook Ads pixels can dramatically increase your sales. The right approach makes a huge difference and saves lots of your ad budget. Here are the requirements and benefits of the integration of Facebook with Offer18.

Requirements for Integration of Offer18 with Facebook Ads Manager

  1. Register with Offer18 to get access to the Award-Winning Performance Marketing Platform.

  2. Request custom domain by contacting the Offer18 Account Manager.

  3. Keep ready your Facebook Ads Account.

Benefits of Tracking Facebook Ads Performance using Offer18

  1. Easy to integrate to get started attributing performance in real-time

    Integrations ensure that affiliate marketers get the maximum benefit out of them. Now you can analyze the real-time performance that holds the details of the statistical data categorized on the basis of various attributions. Timely updates ensure the better measurement and analysis of campaign performance.

  2. Longer Period Performance tracking instead of a 7-day attribution window

    With the integration of the social networking platform Facebook with Offer18, tracking is not confined to a 7 day attribution window. Now you can track the performance of campaigns for a longer period.

  3. Push conversion pixel into Facebook Ads Account

    Ads statistical data of every action the visitors take in the form of conversions that you can easily track in Offer18 will also be reflected in the Facebook Panel. In short, with the conversion pixel, all the conversion reports will also be shown in your Facebook ad account after the integration of Facebook with Offer18.

  4. Easy to optimize with drill-down Analytics Data

    Statistical data sorted on the basis of various attributions is what helps affiliate marketers in deep analysis. This analysis converts the pain point into a pinpoint and assists them in optimizing the campaign performance.

  5. Multiple campaigns can be run using smart links without changing tracking links in the Facebook Ads Account

    This saves the time and effort of the affiliate marketers because they don’t need to manually test and promote individual campaigns. Also, it ensures maximum utilization of traffic because smart offers use rotational redirection to show the most suitable landing page for the appropriate audience.

Click Here to know how to set up Facebook event pixels in Offer18 dashboard.

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