5 Link Checking Tools to Verify URL Redirections

5 Link Checking Tools to Verify URL Redirections

The Link Tester is a cutting-edge tool with automatic capabilities to monitor and validate the redirection of campaigns. Likewise, it's intended to detect broken links, check mediators, and identify resale URLs to provide the authenticity of the link. You can automatically track the status of all your offers using live analysis.

The majority of link checkers are recursive in nature and are capable of performing link testing either automatically or at the user's request. Basically, it operates on a defined algorithm and provides the result of your test within a second. With the help of this tool, you will be able to improve the performance of your campaigns and grow your business exponentially.

Why is a Link Tester Useful?

This is a spectacular tool for your digital marketing campaigns. Knowing its functionality will enable you to make the most of it. To ease your work, we've listed a few of the various use cases for the link checker below:

  1. A major use of an affiliate link checker tool is to verify how many mediators are involved. So it will help you to check all the mediators in between. As the majority think, the fewer the mediators, the greater the payout, making link testing extremely useful for revenue generation.

  2. Redirection is crucial in affiliate marketing since it is the basis for campaign performance reporting and commissions. Thus, to prevent the situation of fraud, the link redirect checker provides you with all the redirection details of the URL.

  3. Resale detection is possible using the URL checker. Resale is when you get your own link from the advertiser after a chain of redirections. This can be avoided by analyzing URL functionality.

  4. It makes it possible to examine the errors in the link, eliminate broken links, and ensure its proper functionality.

  5. The automation capability of the tester link further saves your time and effort. These tools have a fast loading time and produce results in a matter of seconds.

List of Link-Checking Tools

There are many URL testing tool providers who offer the checking of links on commercial plans. Also, there are a few who provide this service free of charge. We have provided all the details of popular link test providers so that you can analyze and compare them before making any final choice.

1. Linktest by Offer18

Linktest provides 50 Free Link Tests on a daily basis. You can test affiliate offer tracking URLs to keep track of and evaluate the campaign's redirections.

Considerable Aspects:
  1. Preference of Operating System/Device
  2. Country-Based Testing
  3. Prompt Results.
  4. Insightful Analysis
  5. Resale Detection

Free link testing limit per day: 50 Link Tests

Pricing: Need to contact Offer18, Account Manager

2. AffiliTest by Phonder

Phonder Technologies LTD. offers a service called AffiliTest. To claim the few free link tests per day, you have to register with them first.

Considerable Aspects:
  1. Preference of Operating System & its version
  2. Country-Based Testing
  3. ISP Selection

Free link testing limit per day: 5 free link checkers after registration

Pricing: Need to contact them for the same

3. TestMyOffers

A tool to check tracking links CPA offers on the majority of mobile devices. Tests are conducted from addresses in the targeted locations and cities, which makes it possible to characterize a current offer state precisely.

Considerable Aspects:
  1. Preference of OperatingSystem/Device
  2. Country-Based Testing
  3. ISP Selection - just for commercial plans

Free link testing limit per day: You are limited to one test an hour and you have to register to get more.

Pricing: Starts at 29 USD/month

4. Redirect Detective

Redirect Detective is a free URL redirection checker that enables you to inspect the whole path a redirected URL takes. But it has one constraint, which is that there is no provision to check with specific targeting.

Considerable Aspects: Not Any Specific

Free link testing limit per day: Unlimited without specific targeting

Pricing: No pricing as of now


The Links Tester is a very helpful tool for digital marketers. It has the capability to enhance the digital marketing ROI and grow the business. We have listed the most popular paid and free link-testing service providers for you. So, analyze your business requirements, perform proper A/B testing, and select the appropriate software. It's time to stop wasting money on dead links and use the tool to check the ions. Make the most of your digital marketing campaigns with this amazing tool!

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