Affiliate World Dubai 1-2, March 2023

Affiliate World Dubai 1-2, March 2023

Affiliate World Dubai is the world’s largest affiliate marketing conference that unites marketers from all across the world. It serves as a meeting point for professionals and novices to connect, share information, and move the industry forward. The event is projected to be a centre of attraction for the top eCommerce entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers in the world.

In the previous year, more than 6000 people attended the event, and over 45 speakers shared their wealth of knowledge with the attendees. Along with that, over 200 companies from around 110 countries participated in the world-class conference. That is why it is the best conference you will ever attend, and it is held in the heart of the UAE.

On March 1-2, 2023, the affiliated World Globe will once again host it in exquisite Dubai (which we are super excited to attend). This conference offers a plethora of opportunities, including the chance to learn from professionals who will deliver master-level information on stage, network with business titans, and collaborate, in addition to gaining insight into the newest brands through top-of-the-line exhibitions.

This two-day conference is counted as the world's No. 1 performance marketing conference. Precisely why? Read and know!


The name says it all. It's held every year in Dubai, UAE


The event's conventional timings are 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM


It generally takes place in the months of February or March
In the year 2023, it is going to be held on 1-2, March




Two-day Event



Who Generally Shows up in the AW Conference?

This event is the place for every person who is somehow associated with affiliate marketing and related areas. It is primarily attended by:

  • Marketing Experts
  • Leading Affiliates
  • Top-rated Brands and Advertisers
  • eCommerce Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Affiliate Networks
  • Bloggers and Influencers

What This Event has to Offer You?

1. Mastermind Level Content

Information is the key; it creates avenues for ongoing operations or opens up the door for unique possibilities. The AW event is jam-packed with learning opportunities where you may discover the most recent changes in the industry, fresh ideas, and breakthroughs, along with strategies that can do wonders if applied. The higher achievers and thought leaders from the two stages will provide more than 20 hours of expert-level content this year.

2. Renowned Global Marketplace

Since it is an event where people from more than 100 countries spare their time and attend, it has become a famous international marketplace. It is imperative to not miss it in 2023 because it will give users access to more than 210 advertisers and affiliate networks in the reputed arena.

3. Assorted Networking Prospects

Entrepreneurs, eCommerce experts, premium brands, leading affiliates, and affiliate networks come together under the same roof, which opens networking prospects unlike ever before. One can communicate, share their experience, and learn from successful professionals, who have done a great job in the past and possess in-depth knowledge about the industry that can prove to be very advantageous.

4. Incredible Possibilities for Partnership and Collaboration

The affiliate world is well known for collaboration and effective communication among the attendees. If you are thinking of attending this event, let us assure you that you are going to meet familiar professional people. A lot of unexpected things are lined up for you. Who knows, you might end up cracking a deal, forming a partnership, or making lifelong connections.

5. Brand Awareness through Sponsorships and Exhibitions

This event is an excellent place for brand recognition. If you have just established your brand, or if you already launched it and now wish to take it worldwide in a short span of time, then what else would be the way?

Affiliate World Dubai offers many sponsorship and exhibition opportunities to companies. The name and logo of your product will be displayed on the noticeable sites you like to sponsor. An exhibition is another way to introduce your business to affiliate marketers in addition to sponsoring. A booth reflecting the brand, its features, and its values is something that entices visitors to learn more about it.

6. Overall Beneficial for the Growth of the Business

Many people hold the perception that attending such events is a waste of time and energy, yet the reverse is actually true. This event will give you a multitude of information, advise enhancements to your business operations, and connect you to potential partners and collaborators as well as industry innovations and development.

Combining and putting all of this into practice will boost sales for your company, which ultimately leads to business growth.

Meet Offer18 at Booth No. A48!

Yes! Offer18 is participating and exhibiting in this global conference attended by professionals from around the globe. Team Offer18 is excited to meet affiliate partners and make new connections at Affiliate World Dubai. Come and say hello to us at Booth No. A48, and we will chit-chat about our industry and whatever you say!

Additionally, we will showcase the features and benefits of adopting a cost-effective tracking platform, which is obviously Offer18. So let’s meet!

Discussion Topics in the Event

The extensive topics will be precisely presented by expert speakers at the affiliate conference in Dubai. Below are some of the anticipated subjects and key aspects.

1. Affiliate Marketing in the Middle East

  • Cash on Delivery,
  • Product & Offer Selection
  • Increase Conversion Rates
  • Targeting Options
  • Platforms & Policy

2. Future of Affiliate Marketing

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Scale Ads and LPs with Generative AI
  • ChatGPT Uses for Marketers
  • ChatGPT Live Campaign Demo

3. E-commerce Track

  • Product Design & Development
  • Maximizing E-commerce Success on Amazon
  • Brand Building
  • Membership & Loyalty Programs

4. Native Ads Track

  • Trending Ad Formats
  • Advanced Bidding Strategies
  • Video Ads
  • Ad Platforms
  • Combatting AdBlockers

5. Facebook Ads Track

  • Ads Creatives Playbook
  • First Party Data & Attribution
  • Campaigns Structures
  • Creative Iteration Efficiency and Performance
  • Scale with Reels
  • Boost Creative Productivity via AI

6. TikTok Ads Track

  • UGC vs. Paid Ads
  • Tiktok Ads Manager
  • Spy Tools
  • Ads Policy
  • Tiktok Shop
  • High Converting Content Creation Tips

Along with the above, Affiliate Marketing's Hottest Topics

  • Paid Search
  • SEO
  • Generating High-Quality Leads
  • Performance Max
  • Pillar Content Marketing
  • Deal Structures
  • Buying & Selling Digital Assets
  • Google Shopping

Opportunities for Participation in Affiliate World Dubai

  • Speaker
  • Sponsor
  • Press and Media Partner
  • Exhibitor
  • Attendee


Affiliate World Dubai is a must-attend event if you are looking for a wonderful experience. It is ideal to network with the most knowledgeable people in the field, engage in insightful sessions from leading experts, explore countless opportunities to grow your business, and discover the latest trends in the industry.

Also, Offer18 is exhibiting at an event that offers top-notch exhibitions. You can contact us at Booth No. A48 to interact with a brilliant team and learn more about the Offer18 tracking solutions. Who knows this event turns out to be an opportunity to take your business to new heights.

We are hoping to see you there!

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