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Link Tester

A super-fast tool to track the campaign's redirection based on Geo & Devices. As well as identifying common partner networks.

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Link Tester

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Data Source

Link Tester can group links based on advertiser, partner, or custom sources. This avoids blocking a partner when traffic sources perform poorly.

Advertiser Level

Another type of block can be implemented at advertiser level, on specific offers for which the rule will break.

Offer Level

Create tester rule accounts by linking them to offers and data windows during rule creation by filtering multiple or single offers.

Custom URL

Use custom urls as well to apply link tester rules. Track each and every sub-source's performance with custom URL rules.

Geos Specific

Test link and track the campaign’s redirection based on Geography.

OS Version

Particular operating system version can also be selected.

ISP (WiFi/3G/4G)

Manage tracking link redirection based on specific internet service providers.

Multiple Testing Parameters

High performance tool for publishers, advertisers and media buyers, helps to see the redirection chain based on country, OS version, and ISP.

Setup & Scheduling

Make immediate user’s landing on the final landing page instead of following through all subsequent redirect chain elements

Broken Link Detection
Tracking its destination link and alerting if a broken link is detected to avoid sending it to such links should be a priority.

Setup & Scheduling
It will work automatically, so you don't need to monitor it manually, since it will notify you if any rule does not meet its condition.

Easy to Set Up
Easily Set up rule in a few seconds which allows to track redirection without requiring advanced technical knowledge.

Resale Detection
Links being tested and detects whether someone is selling your offer back to you or not.


Redirection Checker

Track the redirection chain to know if traffic is delivering to the right campaign.

Single Rule Management

Single Rule is enough to optimize multiple campaigns based on redirection.

Easy to Access

Simple change logs to track rule health, number of times rules break.