#Automated Excellence for Campaign

Offer Automation

Optimizes campaign performance for campaign, affiliate, and its sub-sources based on metrics of gross and unique clicks, conversions, CR, and more.

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Data Source

Automate offer-partner pairs and offer-partner-source groups. To avoid blocking partners' access only when traffic sources perform poorly.

Offer Level

A rule is created based on the offer and the data window. Using a single offer or multiple offers, apply rules and block filters.

Affiliate Level

It is also possible to block affiliates who break automation rules on affiliate level.

Sub-Source Level

Using affiliate partner source grouping, monitor campaign performance by sub-source.

Custom Schedule

Timeframe for checking automation rules and optimizing offers for better ROI.

Multi Metrics

Support campaign management based on CR, CTR, CPC, RPC, eCPM, eCPR, eRPM, revenue, and payout matrices.

Threshold Management

Quick threshold management for clicks, conversions, and impressions, with a smart alert system to keep you informed about changes.

Whitelist Trusted Source

Trusted sources can be excluded from being monitored by available whitelist options.


When an automation rule is broken, the system automatically triggers an alert, which allows live actions to be taken immediately.

Schedule & Management

The time when rules were checked and the time when automation rules were taken. It also lists the automation rules that trigger each action.


Traffic Utilization

Utilize traffic more effectively by redirecting traffic from non-converting offers to other converting offers automatically.

Single Rule Management

No need to create multiple rules to manage multiple campaigns, affiliates and sub-sources.


To keep yourself updated with your performance 24/7 by live notifications of any rule breaks.