#Track Smarter, Target Better

Smart Offer

Create tracking URLs for multiple offers with different targeting, depending on the targeting and sorting.

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Based on a 3E (Effective, Efficient, and Effortless) concept for promoting many campaigns with multiple configurations from a single URL.

One URL, Multiple Offers

With one affiliate tracking link, multiple campaigns can be run. Each campaign does not require affiliate tracking links.

In-Depth Report Analysis

You can confidently optimize campaigns and forecast long-term results without having to wait for results.

1 Click Setup

You can use a smart offer to ensure traffic is being sent to the most relevant offers or convert any existing offer into a smart offer.

Weightage Distribution

Traffic distribution will be based on weight value defined to each child offers.

Dynamic Sorting Options

Various sorting options are available, such as random, ascending/descending offer ID, profit, high CR, etc.

Auto Traffic Capitalization

Utilize every bit of traffic with Smart Offer, which prioritizes traffic to the bundled offers based on user preferences.

Rich in Features

Configuration settings can include multiple targeting options, security rules, or a capping wise distribution.


Traffic Optimization

Distribute traffic to child offers by predefined weightage to get maximum output from the sources.

Campaign Management

Hassle-free campaign Management helps users to create smart offers and assign child offers easily.


Auto Exclude stopped campaigns, out of targeted offers and offers that are not meeting the requirements of the traffic.