Top Marketing Alternatives to Track Users Interest


According to some publications, Google plans to protect user privacy by getting rid of third-party cookies. Safari and Firefox already did this years ago. Due to this, advertisers are looking for better alternatives to help them track user interest, gain insight, and make an informed decision.
There are numerous marketing alternatives that can be of help to advertiser. Although these alternatives will take more time, than the automated third-party-generated cookies, it’s still worth the effort. If you’re interested in the marketing alternatives to tracking user interest, keep reading this post:

Marketing alternatives to tracking Users’ interest.

Invest in email marketing strategy -
  • Focus more on sending your subscribers content and product offers. If they have subscribed to your newsletters, the chances are that they want to learn more about your brand. Here, you don’t have to force them to engage because they’ve already indicated interest.
    If your brand offers more than a product or service, you’ll need to segment your email list to cater to the different audience. For placing email ads, you might want to consider using a non-competing company’s email newsletter. The company should be closely related to your brand to increase the chance of their subscriber’s interest in your products or services.

Use social media ads -
  • Social media ads can be useful in targeting and retargeting. Platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are best for B2C businesses, while B2B brands will benefit from LinkedIn.
    You can choose to promote social media posts for more visibility to your prospects or opt for hyper-targeted ads. If video marketing is part of your digital marketing strategy, you can use YouTube for your optimized video ads.

Use email marketing data -
  • Through email marketing, you can get information on the content your audience prefers. A newsletter with links to different blog posts will help you learn about the topics that appeal most to your audience. The connections they click are the posts they find relevant to engage. You can then focus your content strategy on writing more of those posts.
    Another way you can learn about your audience preferences using email marketing is through polls and surveys. You can get information such as your audience demographics and their motivations. You can then use to data to create or refine your buyer persona to improve your targeting.

Using social media insights -
  • While using ads and promoted posts to target your audience, you should also monitor the insights to know the future strategies to follow to improve your brand visibility. br> The insights should show what content your audience prefers and how well your posts are performing. Other information you can get from monitoring your social media insights is demographic information such as the age range and location.

At the moment, there are different marketing alternatives to tracking user interest. This is why every firm that wants to remain competitive, make profit and gain insight must choose a strategy that works best and focus on putting it into good use.

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