Use Link Tester plus Fallback Together to Maximize Utilization of Traffic


Running an affiliate business is not easy and a lot can happen in a blink of an eye. Networks and brands sometimes fall into the hands of multiple middle men who end up cutting their profits, or try to use their traffic on any other non-converting campaigns, traffic redirecting to the wrong sites, changing links and other marketing challenges.

The only way a business can protect itself from all of these is to use tools that can protect their traffic and ads. The online advertising industry and businesses that are working on making it to the top of the ladder have grown in complexity and with passing days, these businesses are finding new ways to get more customers and increase sales through marketing. Through the use of the tools mentioned below many of these businesses can achieve their goals without having to worry about so much.


The fallback or traffic back helps to optimize all traffic— preventing users from wasting or landing on the wrong site, pages, or clicks. The admin gathers all traffic and directs them to the landing pages. Out of target clicks, blocked clicks and restricted traffic are being optimized by the admin users and converted into significant traffic. The fallback features included are; the fallback URL (this is the URL the admins use or want to divert traffic to), the fallback offer which is already created on the platform and the fallback offer reports which enable users to give reports to their affiliates.

The Link Tester Tool

The Link Tester Tool is easy to integrate. A Link Testing Tool validates campaign redirection; it allows businesses and websites to track median advertisers in campaign URL. With an adequately created test rule and step-by-step action guidelines to be taken, traffic can easily be tracked to its destination link. It also tracks the status of all offers and the results of each offer are simply displayed for brands and businesses. A good advantage of the Link Tester is that it is effective and results are displayed in only a few seconds. Just like the fallback, Link Tester improves performance and return on investment.

Link Testers also helps businesses or websites to run their campaigns from direct advertisers or with less middle men, thereby increasing profit margin. Link Testers are fully automated and are set to direct the flow of each campaign without the website owner having to monitor it manually. App ID, number of permitted redirection, Resale detection are only a few of the automated features of Link Tester.

Fusion of Fallback & Link Tester

Using the Fallback and Link Tester gives brands an edge over other businesses. It can shift your business to a different level and allow for real-time analyzing and optimizing of traffic and ad links. These tools are easy to use on affiliate networks, ad agencies, and digital marketing platforms. Using Link Tester and Fallback together in Offer18 You can stop that offer in which your advertiser URL is changing And redirect it to another converting offer or give traffic back to your affiliate using affiliate fallback.

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