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Affiliate World Asia - Bangkok


Affiliate World Asia is the top performance marketing conference, bringing together key affiliate and e-commerce marketers from around the world. You'll have the opportunity to connect with the industry's finest minds, learn from mastermind-level content onstage, and visit an exhibition floor brimming with possibilities to advance your career. It brings the affiliate world together with various internationally recognized and renowned leaders and professionals in the field of marketing. This includes a network of founders, investors, and specialists from some of the industry's greatest tech companies.

As the world becomes more digital, so does the reach of digital marketing, and this conference will undoubtedly provide you with immense benefits. Not only will you find affiliate marketing professionals and super-affiliates at this event, but you'll also meet a number of high-profile digital marketers who are breaking new ground in influencer marketing, joint ventures, new traffic sources, and other innovative approaches for expanding an online business.

General Dates

This event usually takes place in the month of November or December


9 AM to 5 PM (General)


It generally held in Bangkok, Thailand


This is a two-day event

This Event is being Held for
  • Performance Marketing Professionals and Leaders

  • Networks and Affiliates

  • Representatives of the Agencies

  • Industry Brands

  • Entrepreneurs

Affiliate World Asia Stands Out From Other Industry Gatherings for 3 Reasons:
  1. Reputation and Credibility

    It's one of the Affiliate World Conferences' events, which are among the most effectively organized and attended affiliate events in the industry. Due to its recognition, thousands of people around the world travel to thailand and attend this event

  2. Quality Content

    Quality content is what this conference is known for. Industry specialists and leaders take the stage and speak up about the latest topics, trends, improvement strategies, and much more. The event's key takeaways have the ability to revolutionize the marketing era as a whole.

  3. Location

    Bangkok, a bright and fascinating Southeast Asian metropolis with pleasant weather in December hosts the event. This makes AW Asia the ideal getaway for putting everyone in the appropriate frame of mind to make money.

Partnership Opportunities

There are various ways through which one can participate and get the benefits of a partnership with Affiliate World Asia. One can opt for:-

  • Speaker

  • Sponsor

  • Press and Media Partners

  • Exhibitor

Advantages of Attending the Event
  1. Prospects for Networking

    The conference provides an excellent information source as well as a unique networking opportunity. It's a location where you can learn from industry experts and network with the brightest minds in the field. The networking and partnerships you develop at this event will undoubtedly pay off handsomely in the future.

  2. Value-added Content

    Content is what makes AW Asia different from the other conferences. It provides quality content and a wealth of knowledge to the attendees. Several guest speakers and attending companies provide insight into the topics that form the industry's future.

  3. Help in Forming Various Strategies for Growth

    Affiliate World Asia focuses on information that adds value and guides you in building strategies and plans for your future growth. Stories and experiences shared by successful leaders ignite the flames and encourage the joinees to do best in their capacity.

  4. Collaboration Opportunities

    You will not only connect with like-minded people, but it will also open the doors to a world of limitless possibilities. There is a good chance of collaboration with the industry titans, as well as the opportunity to collaborate and sign deals.

  5. Learning and Developments

    The Affiliate World event provided the opportunity to meet digital era masters who are successfully establishing new trends. The purpose of the conference is to provide various learning prospects, encourage new ideas and tactics for developing a great internet marketing strategy, which ultimately leads to the growth and development of marketers.


Affiliate World Asia is one of the industry's largest professional conferences. This conference brings together the world's most significant e-commerce and performance marketing specialists who share their knowledge and experience, which is unmeasurable.

So, if you are into affiliate marketing, then you should not miss this conference because by attending it, you will not only gain knowledge but will also maintain vital connections, which can turn into a revolutionary step.

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