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DMEXCO (Digital Marketing Exposition & Conference) - Cologne, Germany


DMEXCO is Europe's largest digital marketing and technology networking event. It brings together industry experts, marketing and web professionals, and tech innovators, to set the digital agenda. DMEXCO is indeed the community to experience tomorrow's digital business today. It provides an atmosphere of seminars, lectures, debates, and explorations that highlight the future of the digital economy and drive market value. It is the world's largest expo and forum for the digital industry. It represents innovative and real-world marketing, advertising, and media in the midst of a global growth market by combining an exposition and a conference, a framework that is distinctive worldwide.

The DMEXCO is the top brand gathering spot, the central, international platform for all players in the marketing, advertising, creative, and media scene, with a clear focus on advertising, creativity, branding, relevance, and efficiency. Due to coronavirus pandemics, DMEXCO 2021 was held online. With 20,600 attendees and over 600 top-tier speakers from the global digital industry, it was the second entirely digital edition of Europe's leading digital marketing and technology event. Following two years of fully virtual experience, DMEXCO 2022 will be the first hybrid edition of the event.

  • Frequency


  • Duration

    Two-Day Event

  • Place

    It takes place in Cologne, Germany

  • Date

    It is usually held in the month of September
    In 2022, it is going to be held on September 21 & 22

Five Convincing Reasons to Attend DMEXCO

  1. Excellent Networking:- DMEXCO is built on networking. A hybrid DMEXCO means making the most of your time there. While the Cologne event connects attendees with on-site visitors, its Digital Event Platform allows them to engage with the global community for even more reach. Hence, an event that helps you build your affiliate network and customer base along with an opportunity to promote products is a must-attend event.

  2. Extremely Elevated Rate of Return:- All of the most recent strategies and knowledge shared by the big tech titans will assist you in developing and restructuring your business plans and strategies. Better strategies will eventually result in better results in the form of increased sales and ROI.

  3. Powerful Content:- With its on-site and online models, it is elevating the conference and transforming unique stage content into a 365-lead generation technology with even greater reach. This event is attended by marketers, affiliates, content creators, performance marketing software, affiliate networks, and other concerned people because of its quality content that adds value to the market research and helps them form the best marketing strategy to attract the potential customers and drive traffic.
    In 2022, it will offer a variety of bookable formats and stages to assist you in achieving multiple goals at the same time with minimal effort.

  4. Business Growth and Development:- The expo booth of exhibitors is a central hub for business and growth, and the DMEXCO Conference puts your brand in the spotlight. The top experts in the digital industry deliver in-depth business insights, allowing participants to optimize their marketing campaigns and future strategies.

  5. Possibilities for Beneficial Connections and Collaborations:- This event is attended by more than 20K marketing professionals and 600+ speakers. With the huge potential for networking and making connections with successful professionals, this event proves to be the best place for making collaborations, and if your destiny seems to be aligned with your goal, then you might end up making profitable deals.

Agenda and Topics for the Upcoming DMEXCO

One of the goals of the highly recommended event is to provide answers to major questions such as what role digitalization plays in the post-COVID world and what aims the digital industry should establish for its future. The upcoming DMEXCO will focus on topics such as:-

  1. Sustainability
  2. Online platforms
  3. Intelligent infrastructures
  4. New work.

Who Will you Encounter at the Event?

Visitors to DMEXCO 2022 come from a wide range of industries, ranging from creative and media to marketing and advertising to technology. Every year, the leading companies in the global digital economy attend this event along with young start-up entrepreneurs. Key industry marketers and visionaries take the stage at DMEXCO as speakers.

An Overview of Exhibitors

This event brings together exhibitors from all over the world to showcase their products and services to national and international clients. The exhibition will feature exhibitors from the industry's top companies in performance, search, mobile, affiliate, email, social, and moving image marketing. In the previous year, approximately 13% of exhibitors were from other countries. Aside from these individuals, exhibitors, including companies involved in game advertising, targeting, tracking, ad-serving, targeting, tracking, ad-serving, and email marketing, will also take part in the 2022 DMEXCO.

Its specialist designers and account managers guide participants through the overall process, from designing the booth to building, organizing, managing, transporting, installing, and disassembling. This event's purpose is to take into account the underlying principles that ultimately led to a productive exhibiting experience at DMEXCO Cologne. It also maintains all industry standards, protocols, and the exhibition stand's high performance so that the businesses can connect with their targeted market at DMEXCO 2022 Expo.

Technology and Trends are to Display at DMEXCO 2022

ADMEXCO 2022 has established itself as a significant global tech conference and congress for the digital marketing industry. The exhibition will be held at the Messe Cologne. The event is expected to attract over 500 exhibiting companies and approximately 40,000 key trade visitors (buyers, retailers, and decision-makers, among others).

DMEXCO 2022 will provide attendees with insight into the trends that will drive market development. The most recent technologies and services that will be displayed on the main stage in their own area are:

  • AI
  • Big Data and Analysis
  • Use of the Cloud
  • Cyber Defense
  • Training & Electronic Media
  • Policy Regarding Online Advertising
  • SEO and search
  • Digital marketing, SEO, and search
  • Online Advertising

The event will also include numerous educational platforms, including discussions and lectures. All of this will be supplemented by a conference program that will cover topics such as creativity, innovation, design, chatbots, automation, integration, and many others.

What Makes DMEXCO Extraordinary?

The exhibition and conference last two days and are jam-packed with marketing ideas, trend forecasts, strategies, and deals. It is a facilitator for innovation and growth due to its emphasis on interaction. At DMEXCO, the Start-up Village integrates young media, marketing, and technology companies with prospective consumers, investors, and associates. The central focus components of the world of experience are connected to products and consumer experience.


DMEXCO represents business more than any other industry event. Every year, it sets the standard for the digital economy by offering benefits of exchange, participation, education, and innovation. Because it only attracts people belonging to the marketing world, the DMEXCO allows for a specialized exchange of marketing decision-makers, agencies, organizations, and exhibitors, while also ensuring high-quality contacts. Despite its initial branding as a national platform, the DMEXCO is quickly distinguishing itself due to its extremely high proportion of worldwide exhibitors and visitors.

So, if you're looking for an all-in-one event that will give you a wealth of knowledge and information on the most recent technologies, trends, and e-commerce innovation, as well as healthy connections with business experts from all over the world, this is the event for you. Expert speakers' knowledge and experience will inspire you to think outside the box. You will end up developing plans and strategies to better serve your business activities.

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