Track Real-Time QR Code Traffic with the Brand-New Feature

Track Real-Time QR Code Traffic with the Brand-New Feature

In this digital age, people are using devices more than ever, and one of the most usable and handy devices among all others is the mobile phone. Nobody, especially generation Z, can imagine their lives without smartphones and the Internet. Because of this smart device, every piece of information from one person to another and from one corner to another is easily accessible. As a result, marketers started shifting their focus to mobile-friendly marketing strategies, one of which is QR codes.

What is a QR Code?

QR codes are scannable black-and-white squares that resemble barcodes. When scanned with a smartphone, they link directly to a landing page, such as a website, a source link, or social media. A QR code is an excellent way to increase the accessibility of your business and the usability of your product.

To put it simply, QR codes comprise online information that can be accessed by scanning the code with a mobile device's QR code scanner. These codes are created with a QR code generator and can be interpreted by merely scanning them. Information hidden behind QR codes may remain for a lifetime or expire after a specified period of time, depending on the type of QR code.

In general, there are two types of QR codes: Static and Dynamic

Static QR codes:- commonly known as “permanent codes," whose information remains the same over time. You can't change the content hidden behind them. Such QR codes are only intended for one-time use and have limited data storage capacity. You can basically scan the code, decrypt the information, and that's it! Every time you scan, it will reflect the same information.

Dynamic QR codes:- Unlike static ones, dynamic ones allow for easy content changes and real-time scanning. These have more data storage capacity, are editable, instantly tracked, and have an expiry feature. The information encrypted during scanning does not remain the same every time. You may receive different information, scanning it after a long time

Where is it used?

QR codes can be of various designs, and their functionality varies accordingly. These codes are used in many industries, such as education, business, hospitality, health care, advertising, and so on. Out of all this, It is spreading more widely in the payments and advertising sectors. These codes are easy to set up and are more viable to cater the attention of customers. Nowadays, you can easily find such QR codes in restaurants, malls, cinemas, billboards, shopping sites, and on business cards.

Why are QR Codes important in affiliate marketing?

These Quick Response codes have also made their mark in the affiliate marketing industry, where they have become the most popular choice among affiliate marketers. From promoting a product to sharing a campaign URL with affiliates, it has come a long way. The main reason for the prominence of such QR codes is that they are easily traceable by performance marketing software. The user-friendly dashboards provide you with a thorough report of campaigns promoted via QR codes.

Factors for Effective QR Code Usage in Marketing Campaigns

QR codes are the most effective strategy that marketers can use to promote products and businesses in the best way possible. In order to utilize QR codes more successfully in affiliate marketing campaigns, here are a few factors that you should consider beforehand.

  • Self-Explainable URL: This is the most important factor that marketers should consider. The URL address to which the user is redirected after scanning the code should be clear and understandable. Also, the URL should be free of errors. Otherwise, all of your efforts will be futile, and it will end up leaving a bad impression on your business reputation.

  • Information and Context: The content and its context must be clear and unambiguous. You can't expect visitors to take action unless you provide them with relevant information that will compel them to do so. As a result, the content preceding the CTA button should be concise and persuasive.

    For example, if you want to promote your product using a QR code, instead of including the URL of the homepage, provide the URL of the specific page where the visitor gets the most information. This will reduce the possibility of confusion and enable them to act quickly.

  • CTA with Precise Notion: This is another factor that prompted the customer to scan the QR code. It increases the chances of more scans if you provide some instructions or a rough idea of what they will get after scanning the code. Often, viewers ignore code because it seems unpredictable, but when you attach some instructions string in the form of a pitching headline above it, there is a greater likelihood of it being converted.

  • Mobile-Responsive Landing Page: Because it is fairly obvious that users will scan the QR code with their mobile devices, the landing pages to which such URLs are redirected should be mobile responsive and provide a more user-friendly experience to visitors. There is no point in using QR codes if the URL takes forever to reload, does not display proper content, and does not load images, causing users to miss out on a significant proportion of the information.

  • Tracking and Analysis: The performance analysis of marketing campaigns is equally important as running the campaign itself. Therefore, you should keep the performance marketing software aligned with your marketing efforts. It is very useful for measuring campaign results and attempting to set a benchmark for future actions.

Benefits of QR Codes in Affiliate Marketing

The advantages of QR codes are endless. They are swift, safe, and offer a viable experience. That is why millions of people use it nowadays. To introduce you to additional benefits of the QR code, we have provided them below:

  1. Easy to Use and Share: These codes are extremely simple to use. All you need is a QR code, either printed or digital, a QR code scanner on your smartphone, and a few seconds of your time. A QR code's scanning ability is outstanding. You can easily access and use the information on your mobile phone however you want. Furthermore, it is extremely convenient to share anywhere and with anyone.

  2. Absolutely Secure: It is the most secure method of sharing information. Because of its widespread use in payment gateways, you can imagine how secure and credible it is. The data is generally a landing page URL that redirects to the offer URL, which is hidden behind the black-and-white bar and can only be accessed by the user who scans it. So the data it holds is fully encrypted and can only be decrypted using smartphones.

  3. Feasibility of Tracking and Analysis: The activity of users after scanning this code is easily trackable. Thanks to brilliant performance marketing software like Offer18. They offer a wide range of user behavior statistics centred on key metrics that are recorded in real-time. These key metrics are used by affiliate marketers to measure and analyze the performance of digital marketing campaigns in order to take the necessary future actions to attain optimal results.

  4. Versatile: QR codes are not confined to a single functionality. They are widely used by marketers in many ways, such as to promote products, share tracking link, increase brand awareness, offer discounts, and much more. The structure of these codes changes according to their usage.

  5. Convenient Editing and Modification: QR codes used in affiliate marketing to promote campaigns are frequently dynamic, with the ability for editing and modification as needed. This information can be changed even after it has been shared online and made available to users.

    Moreover, You can also share any information with your affiliates in the provided tokens while tracking and later change or modify it. After scanning, your affiliates will see the revised information.

  6. No Information Storage Restriction: As a dynamic code, there are no space constraints in terms of the amount of content that can be included behind the scannable code. You can include any type of content in the URL that will be encoded by scanning the QR, including informative content such as written text, audio, video, and visuals, as well as interactive content such as feedback or review forms, comments, suggestion boxes, and so on. Using QR codes for effective interactions will assist you in developing positive business relationships with your clients and associates.

  7. Interactive and Actionable: QR codes make promotions more appealing and interesting. Large boards with printed QR codes displayed on the streets and malls are an effective way to catch people's attention these days. They become intrigued by the information hidden behind the code and quickly scan it. As a result, it has become the most effective mode of advertising that is both interactive and actionable. You can use it to provide a better user experience and increase user trust in your brand.

How Does the Offer18 QR Code Tracking Work

QR (Quick Response) codes are designed to capture mobile users' attention by presenting campaigns in the most effective and interesting way possible. Given the high demand for QR codes in the affiliate marketing industry, we've launched a brand new QR code feature that allows you to easily create the QR code to promote your campaign, share the tracking link hidden behind these QR codes, and view real-time performance reports from your Offer18 dashboard.

It might seem complex, but in reality, it is created to make things easy and beneficial for our trustworthy clients. It will change your perception of promoting campaigns once you know how it works.

Ready to dive into its workings?

A step-by-step guide for using QR codes in your campaign
  1. Create an offer along with an advertiser and affiliate profile in your Offer18 dashboard. Use the information provided by your advertiser, and if you are a direct advertiser, then use the details you have.

  2. After filling out the details, the next step is to share the tracking link with your affiliate. This is where its work begins.

  3. While extracting the affiliate tracking link, you will notice the toggle button on the popup that reads "QR code" by highlighting the word “New.” All you have to do is enable it. You will notice a pattern with small square black and white boxes next to the tracking URL, which is the QR code for your campaign. You can easily share this with affiliates to conveniently promote the campaigns.

  4. The best thing about Offer18's QR code is that it is not a static code that will remain unchangeable, whereas it came under the roof of a dynamic type where you can easily change it whenever you want. This code has the capacity to change and display real-time information on scanning whenever you add or replace the information you want to pass to your affiliate in the predefined tokens. Isn't it incredible?

  5. You and your affiliate can promote this QR code anywhere, and when users scan it, they will be redirected to the Offer URL, where they can perform the desired actions.

  6. On completion of the action by the user, the information will be recorded there and then in the admin dashboard. You can check this in the real-time reporting section, where all the actions of users in the form of conversions, clicks, impressions, and many other dimensions are presented in the most effective way possible.

Use Cases of QR Codes Tracking

Marketers are increasingly using QR code tracking to monitor and analyze the end results of their marketing efforts. It is the most effective marketing strategy for converting raw statistics into useful data and utilizing it to take necessary actions. There are a number of areas and ways in which QR codes have made their presence felt and are being deployed in an effective manner. The majority of them are as follows:

  • App Installation Tracking: QR codes are the most effective way to promote apps and encourage users to install them on their smartphones. It works the same way as promoting the website, where scanning the code will take you to the landing page. Unlike the other CTAs, this one includes an Install or Download button for that targeted application.

    QR codes have improved user interactions. You've probably seen app developers' booths at malls and events, where they persuade people to download their app by scanning a QR code. That is how it actually works, but how can you track the number of app installs and user behavior using QR codes? Read on to find out!

    You can generate the QR code for your app link so easily if you are using Offer18 as your performance marketing platform. All you have to do is create an offer by adding the same app URL in the Offer URL, and while sharing the tracking link with your affiliate, enable the toggle button for the QR code reflected below. A QR code will be created in the box of the tracking URL in just a second. You can share the same with any affiliate through any medium.

    Isn't it simple?

  • Lead Tracking: QR codes have also become a popular way to generate leads. When people scan the QR code with their mobile devices, the URL redirects them to the relevant page, which encourages visitors to complete a CTA, which can be

    • Filling out the form
    • Sign up or register
    • Informative content, including blogs, articles, whitepapers, and e-books
    • Email Subscription
    • Special offers, and discounted prices for a limited time
    • Social Media Profile to Follow

    as well as many others The use of QR codes for such purposes improves user engagement and, ultimately, conversion rates.

    You can simply track the results of your offers with the help of the Offer18 tracking platform. It provides you with accurate reporting of users' interactions through a QR code. You can track the impressions, clicks, conversions, and costs and measure the CR, CTR, etc. This will give you an idea of how users are engaging with your content and what measures you can take to significantly raise this count.

  • Referral Tracking: Referring a product or service to another person by providing a QR code is what came under this category. However, it is not limited to this use. There is the possibility of providing a unique QR code to each affiliate for promotion so that it can be tracked easily. So there are two types of QR codes in this (it can be many; to simplify the concept, let's divide it into two).

    1. A common QR code for all the clients to refer to it further (obviously for great deals and discounts).
    2. A unique code for different affiliates to track the performance of each affiliate.

    These referential codes are easily trackable. You can check all the key metrics in the dashboards provided by the performance marketing platforms. You can also analyze the performance of each affiliate separately to determine their commission rate. Also, if they contribute a significant portion of your revenue, you can keep them on board for a longer period of time.

  • Tracking of Orders or Ticket Booking: Have you ever seen QR codes on buses, cafes, or restaurant menus? If you haven't already, you will because QR codes have made their way into these industries as well. Users can easily book tickets and place orders with QR codes, and the best part is that businesses can easily track the user's activity performed with such QR codes.

    How? You better know if you have read up until now.

    We have you covered in all aspects of tracking and analytics. If you haven't created a QR code yet and want to, why not enter the URL of your product catalog into the Offer URL and extract it from the Offer18 dashboard? Yes, you can extract this without any additional charges and provide it to your clients so they can place an order.

  • Promo Code Tracking: Promo codes provided with QR codes are an excellent way to increase sales. This is the most viable marketing strategy during the days of Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. Promo codes for specific benefits, such as reduced prices, buy-one-get-one-free offers, free shipping, free tickets, and gifts. This excites people and leaves a lasting impression on the brand.

    Fortunately, tracking promo code performance via QR codes is also possible with robust tracking platforms. It allows you to analyze leads and sales generated by serving promo codes. This will assist you in developing more user-engaged marketing strategies. It is also the most prevalent way to boost brand awareness and revenue.

  • Visitor Tracking: The primary goal of every marketer is to increase the number of visitors to their website or landing page, to which they want to draw the users' attention because this is the beginning of the marketing funnel. The number of people who visit your website will give you an idea of how well your campaign or advertisement is performing. A comprehensive traffic analysis will direct to additional lead and sales analysis.

    Using Offer18’s QR tracking, you can easily check the count of people who is engaging with your website through which mode. By checking real-time visitor reporting, you can later dig your study into various dimensions and perform effective analysis. This is not all; you can sort the report section by affiliates, offers, advertisers, and so on. There are numerous fields available to help you with your tasks and facilitate reliable results.


QR codes have become a must-adopt marketing strategy because they allow marketers to engage with users in the most exceptional and impressive way possible. The Offer18 QR code feature, along with its smooth tracking and insightful reporting, is all you need to take your business to the next level.

After implementing the QR code strategy in your business activities, you will observe a significant change in revenue growth. Offer18 also allows you to generate and share your own unique QR code directly from the dashboard. All activities performed by such a QR code will be automatically recorded in the Offer18 system, which you can access via your admin panel.

So take advantage of the easy-to-use feature and boost the performance of your marketing strategies. We would also appreciate it if you could spread the word about this powerful feature to your advertisers, affiliates, clients, and partners so that they can also grasp the benefits of this newly launched feature.

In this manual, we have attempted to cover every possible use and aspect of the QR code, along with its working in a very precise manner. If you still have questions or concerns about this feature, you can contact your account manager, schedule a call, or share your concerns with the always-available chat support. We will happily assist you in resolving your concerns and providing you with as much information as possible.

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