Ad:tech New Delhi

Ad:tech New Delhi is India's largest marketing and media technology event. This event features some of the most prominent professionals and influential speakers. The

Mar 23, 2022

Upcoming Affiliate Events and Conferences - Offer18

Whether one is working as an affiliate or advertising or ad network in the digital ad industry, Creating and organizing work schedules helps marketers by providing enough time to look for

Mar 09, 2021

High User Satisfaction Award by Crozdesk

Overall Rating 9.9/10 Usefulness 9.6/10 Ease of Use 10/10 Best in Customer support 10/10 Best Value for Money

Dec 11, 2020

FraudScore Partner Integration with Offer18

"It’s our pleasure to announce a FraudScore full integration with Offer18." With this integration Offer18 Users will get an 18% discount on the first invoice by signing up

Nov 20, 2020

Mission: No Child Hungry A support initiative by Offer18

A support initiative by Offer18 Offer18 comes forward as a light in COVID-19, with the donation of meal kits as a precautionary health measure for those in need.Due to the pandemic, the cou

Sep 14, 2020

Apple IOS 14 update: Is this the end of IDFA in IOS mobile acquisition tracking

More Privacy for End Users! Last month Apple introduced it's IOS 14 at WWDC 2020 on June 22, probably the best IOS to date. But it has also announced to introduce several upgrades in S

Jul 29, 2020

Decade's Best Affiliate Marketing Summits, Conferences Exhibitions

If one wants to be a game-changer he must know the value of being at the right place at the right time. Summit, conferences, exhibitions where you will be able to meet the right people for i

Jul 02, 2020

Google Chrome Malware attack: Over 32 million users were targeted

Chrome’s brand reputation and huge market share make them a big target for cybersecurity attacks. Recently chrome’s 32 million users were being hit by an enormous spyware attack which w

Jun 19, 2020

Google 2FA Update Sign-in securely to your google account

2-Step Verification? What’s that? It is an extra layer of security in your google account to restrict unauthorized access. From cybercriminals who try to steal user details such as emails

Jun 15, 2020