Offer18 Relives the Memories of 2023

Offer18 Relives the Memories of 2023

The year gone by was intriguing and full of accomplishments and promising opportunities for Offer18. Throughout the activities we took part in, we could marvel at the awards and testimonials we received from our valued clients, which illustrates the significant headway we have made on various grounds.During the past year, our company has participated in several events and conferences, won several awards, and received heaps of praise from our clients from across the globe. We leveraged cutting-edge tools and technologies, path-breaking methods, and strategies to assist our clients in achieving technological breakthroughs and engaged in much more!

Stellar Events and conferences

There was an overdrive of activity with attending, sponsoring, or exhibiting at events and conferences. This year was eventful, marked by insightful presentations, keynote sessions, and second-to-none networking opportunities with pundits of the affiliate marketing industry. It was a melting pot of individuals and think tanks from around the globe who shared their innovative ideas and current trends in the affiliate marketing world at the table. The events allowed us to explore practical insights into affiliate marketing practices. Furthermore, we examined the dynamic regulatory landscape and the underlying challenges impacting the affiliate marketing realm while gaining a holistic overview of intricate systems, tools, and technologies.

Some of those events and conferences are

Events and Conferences Events and Conferences

Roll-Out of Product Updates:

  1. Payout Rules: With this feature rolled out in 2023, you can have an even more refined way of setting affiliate payouts.

    • Payouts are calculated based on tracking data points such as Affiliate IDs, events, countries, device types, browsers, and operating systems.

    • You may tailor your payouts to match various conditions by setting up different rules for different scenarios.

    • You may set a priority for each rule (starting from 1 to 50). First, a rule with a higher priority, such as '1', will be checked. Once a rule matches, other rules get ignored, ensuring that the most relevant payout is always applied.

    • With the new payout rules, advertisers create more detailed and customized affiliate campaigns and reward high-awarding affiliates.

  2. Cookieless Tracking: Last year, we introduced this feature to ensure uninterrupted conversion tracking and protect user privacy when browsers do not support third-party cookies. It means relying on first-party, second-party, and contextual data and building meaningful relationships with the customers. It also involves incremental testing to measure the efficacy of campaigns, channels, and strategies.

  3. Coupons Code Tracking: With the inclusion of the Coupons Code Tracking mechanism last year, advertisers can now assign promo or coupon codes to affiliates, streamlining their marketing efforts and tracking capabilities. The Offer18 coupon tracking tool allows them to track the effectiveness of these coupon codes across different marketing channels. It includes identifying which offers generate the most conversions, how many customers approach them from each affiliate, customer’s average spending power, tracking Clicks, Customer ID, and Affiliate Referral links. It helps advertisers to make informed decisions when it comes to devising marketing strategies.

Awards and Compliments Awards and Compliments

While a surfeit of publishers, advertisers, networks, agencies, and technology solutions competed globally this year, we stood out singularly with our achievements after being judged on various attributes like delivering high performance, showing exemplary leadership qualities, the fastest turnaround time of our services, attaining landmark figures in ROI, etc. Our high-end automation capabilities, in combination with the long-standing experience of our uber-talented team, keep us ahead of the curve in the marketing business. We take pride in our ability to create custom products and solutions that cater to the unique needs of our clients in this ever-growing industry. This year has been a defining one in the history of our affiliate marketing career, with us bagging the below-mentioned awards into our kitty:

Awards Awards

Customer Reviews:

We were proud to receive positive feedback from customers on parameters such as value for money, scalability, cost-effectiveness, a good attribution tracking platform, and a highly recommended conversion tracking platform this year. Our customer support team's prompt assistance in mitigating issues on a round-the-clock basis through live chat, email, and phone calls has, in no small measure, contributed significantly to the elevation of our customer satisfaction score. Our integrations with advertisers and publishers have placed us in the spotlight among users. Our quick onboarding of recruits with the delivery of unlimited free training sessions did not go unnoticed. As a result of our knowledge base and glossary section, users can gain knowledge from the most up-to-date information at their fingertips and navigate through different terminologies.

Offer18 is now Google Certified Offer18 is now Google Certified

A "Google Certificate for Click Tracking" has been granted to Offer18 this year. This certification has brought many upsides for advertisers, agencies, and publishers in terms of simplifying their work and resulting in churning out sales and pumping up ROI figures. Advertisers can make informed decisions about their campaigns using Customized Reporting and gain a 360-degree view of campaign performance by identifying what works for them and what does not and the source of conversions. In addition to this, advertisers fall in line with stringent rules and regulations for a transparent ecosystem. Advanced tracking capabilities and a user-friendly interface make campaign management a breeze for agencies. Publishers are well-equipped to produce high-caliber business output with accurate tracking of ad campaigns and the use of advanced analytics and reporting features.

Interactive Video Experiences Interactive Video Experiences

Throughout this year, we posted a series of YouTube explainer videos, where we touched upon a wide range of topics, beginning with who we are and what we do to what we offer. Our videos include interactive and visually appealing content about our advanced features, demos and tutorials, and footage from events and conferences we have attended. They also showcase our integration with other platforms. The list of thoroughbred videos in multiple languages like Chinese, Hindi, etc, educates our local and international clients about our business. These videos give step-by-step guidance on our business, especially to rookies, that help them ramp up fast and make them productive in the workspace.

Curation Of Information Through Blogs:

This year, we have gone the extra mile to publish several informative blogs about affiliate marketing on our website to add momentum to the existing oeuvre. For instance, the “E-commerce Affiliate Marketing” blog is a great resource to bookmark for anyone looking to learn more about e-commerce. This blog provides a treasure trove of information about how to leverage affiliate marketing principles in e-commerce. This blog also offers affiliate marketing tips and tricks to help you increase your e-commerce business productivity.

We Have Walked the Talk with Our Success Stories:

We have converted this year's customer reviews to the case studies format. One of this year's case studies highlights how the "Offer Automation" feature of Offer18 has reduced our customer's tracking costs and time. Based on these success stories, it is clear that many customers have found migrating to Offer18 to be a positive experience. Our platform has alleviated their nagging problems with previous service providers that had put them in a bind.

Improved Social Media Presence:

Our follower count has been steadily rising, and this year was also not an exception!!! We have touched to date 15,000+ followers on LinkedIn, more than 4.5K on Facebook, and 690 subscribers on YouTube.This wave of popularity of Offer18 among its customers demonstrates the continued trust and reliance on the usage of its products and services.

Offer18 celebrated its 7th anniversary Offer18 celebrated its 7th anniversary

Founded in 2016, Offer18 recently celebrated its 7th anniversary. In these seven years, we have grown exponentially from a fledgling business to a well-established affiliate marketing platform. Our Performance Marketing Solution serves Affiliate Networks, Advertisers, and Agencies with professional tracking capabilities to manage, track, and optimize their campaigns at scale. Our ship stuttered at the start, but soon after, it steadied, and then we crossed the finish line! Our journey was full of ups and downs, highs and lows, and a blend of smooth and rocky patches. Despite this, we remained afloat by keeping our heads above water.

We emerged as the most flexible SaaS Platform with an eye-catching user interface and advanced features like Anti-Fraud, Campaign Automation, Link Tester, Smart Offer, and Powerful Offersync API. Clients have leveraged these standalone features to transform their present Performance Marketing platforms and have achieved breakout success. The white-label capabilities of our platform allow users to promote their brands, and the infinite stability of the platform enables them to grow their businesses.

Offer18 Journey Offer18 Journey


The year 2023 was a remarkable year marked by glowing achievements and a splendiferous track record to dazzle our customers with our phenomenal success. We struck gold with our cutting-edge tools and technologies, path-breaking methods and strategies, and created milestones that remain etched in our company's history for the years to come. With this, Offer18 looks forward to embarking on the Year 2024 with buoyed spirits to draw customers to its services and products.

We stand tall with our offerings and hope to achieve our targets in the coming years because we know the affiliate marketing business well. Innovation, Growth, and providing a service that is exceptional in all aspects, followed by a runaway success, remains our resolution at the beginning of the year 2024, and we hope to knock you dead, creating more memorable memories for the upcoming years in the future. To end, we are all gratified by the incredible journey we have traversed so far, and we are grateful for our clients' unwavering support that has made us a wonderful place to work and dream about!

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