Migration to Offer18 Has Eliminated the Inefficiencies Faced By RapidMile

Rapidmile Business Solution Pvt Ltd has over four years of experience providing end-to-end affiliate marketing and busine

Apr 09, 2024

Migration to Offer18 has made Elakrity International Feature-Rich and Automated

With more than three years of experience in affiliate marketing, Elakrity International specializes in direct in-app traffic. At Elak

May 23, 2023

Migration to Offer18 has made TwyntyOne Media more innovative

TwyntyOne Media & Advertising firm is Asia's premier new-age performance marketing agency. It is an intellectual powerhouse of the stupendous team w

Apr 10, 2023

Migrating to Offer18 helped Trance Media to Improve Employee Management

Trance Media is an all-in-one affiliate marketing platform with a highly experienced team. It boasts of empowering its clients with customi

Mar 03, 2023

Migration Assisted Paazoo Digital in Cutting Tracking Costs by 70%

Paazoo Digital is a self-served brand agency that leverages digital solutions to help brands reach digital users. It offers a person

Jan 28, 2023

Migration to Offer18 Streamlined Igknights Marketing Efforts along with Escalated Revenue

Igknights Media (OPC) Private Limited is a premium mobile agency and user acquisition network based out of India. It provides traffic on CPI, CPT, VAS, CP

Aug 16, 2022

Affilienet Affirms Offer18 Supremacy In Ad Tracking After Migration

Affilienet strive to bring quality leads by directly connecting publishers and advertisers, thereby facilitating a relationship where both parties can benefit and obtain maximum results.

Apr 21, 2022

AdsFactory: Why We Choose Offer18 Performance Marketing Tool

AdsFactory is a leading affiliate network, providing services in mobile and desktop vertices. AdsFactory is helping brands to increase return on ads spend and publisher in utilizing t

Apr 18, 2022

Adzicon : Migration Drew Us Closer To Our Goal Of Delivering Excellent Services

Adzicon has helped several brands reach out to their target customers and attain a significant l

Mar 30, 2022

DigiDagno: After Migration Offer18 Provided Protection Against Fraudulent Conversions

DigiDagno ventures into CPI, CPA, CPL and offers models for Geos globally. We are revered by many and have received several

Mar 24, 2022

SpritAdshub: Offer18 Helped Us Provide Higher Level of Premium Services After Migration

SpritAdshub is a top-notch mobile-friendly advertisement network for marketer’s advertisers and also serves as an affiliat

Mar 13, 2022

Adsfitter: After Migration Adsfitter maintains that offer18 is the ultimate solution to performance marketing

Adsfitter employs a data-driven service and collaborates with leading agencies and businesses to ensure that clients are only given the best possible solutions with their campaig

Feb 22, 2022

Mobs10media: Using Offer18 after the migration has yielded Remarkable Outcome

Mobs10media employs novel technology to bring clients scalable options for their media targeting and the means of effectively reaching out to their mobile audience. Mobs10media

Feb 10, 2022

Adsknife After Migration Says Offer18 Is A Wonderful Tracking System For Every Organization.

Adsknife offers marketing solutions for several advertisers, affiliates, and all other forms of individuals or corporations requiring campaigns or effective management of advertise

Jan 24, 2022

MOBSAI: Offer18 Top Notch Performance Tracking Solution Has Simplified our Migration Experience

Mobsai has helped several brands in different countries reach their goals for lead conversion and the customer target set through our advanced methods and features. Mobsai invests

Jan 19, 2022

Times Internet: Debriefing Their Experience After Migration

Times Internet builds premium digital products that simplify and enhance the everyday lives of people. It is India’s largest digital products company with a presence in a wide rang

Sep 05, 2021

EconnectMobi using Offer Sync API to speedup the Integration with Brand Advertisers

EconnectMobi is a privately traded, global end-to-end mobile advertising platform that helps the world’s top brands reach their most valuable users with the wide

Feb 16, 2021

Case Study - AdzCorner Sharing Reason that Makes Offer18 A Reliable Solution

AdzCorner is a performance-based marketing solution for advertisers, publishers, agencies, and online affiliates. With campaigns catering to 20+ countries with a s

Jan 06, 2021

Case Study - How Offer18 Helped Digifish3 To Grow Faster

Digifish3 is an insightful digital outreach powerhouse comprising a group of dynamic individuals. We cater to organizations with a data-centric approach towards ac

Dec 31, 2020

Case Study - Fleximobile Ads Experience with Offer18

We at Fleximobile Ads are serving as the network in the affiliate industry. We provide our Advertisers with a way to increase revenue, while maintaining complete contr

Dec 19, 2020

Case Study - Mobistroke has grown their business with Offer18

Mobistroke is a tech company that delivers consumer engagement, acquisitions and transactions through relevant Mobile Advertising. The Company aims to enhance retu

Dec 18, 2020

Xcessmobil- The Overall Experience of using Offer18

XCESSMOBIL is the Mobile Media company , who develop their own telecom services for world wide telcos. We Xcessmobil is an online advertising technology group providin

Nov 13, 2020

Adaffy Summarizing Growth Journey with Offer18

ADAFFY, is a Global Leading CPA Affiliate Performance Network focused in maximizing the ROI of affiliates and advertisers. The experience of the team, over 14 years

Nov 04, 2020

Growth Factors: Reason Why Yellow Digital Media Migrated to Offer18

Yellow Digital Media is India's growing network leading in Mobile vertical Network. Yellow Digital Media has always been a performance-bas

Oct 19, 2020

What Mobifyn Says about their experience with Offer18

This is Chetan Having over 8 years of experience in DIGITAL, Currently Strategic Business Partner at Mobifyn Inc In charge of all Mobifyn's products monetization glob

Oct 19, 2020

Advivify Media sharing their Experience of using Offer18

Advivify Media - A performance Ad Network with offices in India & US working on different performance Models Worldwide. Advivify is one of the leading digital adver

Oct 16, 2020