Offer18 at #IAS22 - The Greatest Performance Marketing Event of India

Offer18 at #IAS22 - The Greatest Performance Marketing Event of India

We are so elated to share that Offer18 has exhibited at one of the most prestigious events in India - the India Affiliate Summit 2022. It is a major affiliate marketing event that brings together the industry's brightest minds to network and share knowledge; a floor brimming with opportunities to propel the business forward. It is also the most enlightening meeting place for newbies and professionals to network, learn, and develop in the field.

At this event, you will not only meet affiliate marketing professionals and super-affiliates but also a number of high-profile digital marketers who are breaking new ground in influencer marketing and joint ventures. You will also be introduced to new traffic sources and innovative approaches for growing an online business. This time, more than 2500 attendees, 700+ companies, and 70+ exhibitors participated in this two-day event, including Offer18. If you continue reading this, you will get to know how valuable it was for us and other affiliate marketing platforms.

Booth No. 2 of Offer18

Offer18 has exhibited at this well-known performance marketing event. It was a very delightful experience to showcase the features and pricing of Offer18 to the industry professionals. Booth No. 2 was the catching sight of the event where people stopped by.

Participants' Experiences after Attending IAS

Attendees shared their valuable feedback about the IAS. We have summed up their experience into a few points:

  1. They were quite pleased to attend the event and interact with industry professionals.

  2. Visitors believed that IAS was really beneficial to their business. Masterclasses were held by industry experts who shared insights and experience, which served as a roadmap to help them move forward.

  3. According to attendees, the favorite parts of this event were the Affiliate Hour and E-Commerce Hour, where they learned a lot about industry trends. They were also astonished to see the new areas in which others are investing.

  4. Most of the individuals had attended the event previously, but some of them were attending for the first time. They were expecting productive results, which they indeed received.

  5. This event is well-known for its networking and knowledge-sharing prospects. Attendees were completely happy with the provided networking opportunities. They specifically attended this to meet and connect with industry people in person.

  6. When we queried them about the future of the affiliate marketing industry, we discovered that they were pretty certain of its rapid growth in the near future.

  7. Additionally, they expressed how much they enjoyed being a part of IAS and knowing Offer18 from its core. Attendees also stated that they would surely attend this event again in the future.

Overall, attending the India Affiliate Summit was a great experience for them.

Learning Prospects at IAS

The event's speakers and experts were quite knowledgeable. They offered a greater prospect of obtaining knowledge of affiliate marketing and related sectors. It introduced attendees to the most recent technologies and market trends.

The exciting stories and journeys of marketers have deeply inspired participants. After learning how others are doing their part of the job well, we are flooded with ideas to improve and indulge in more technical innovations. We value our clients and their needs, so we are consistent in upgrading our platform to provide the best platform experience they have ever had.

The Exciting Part of IAS

It introduced us to the world of new innovations and technologies. We also loved the networking opportunities that the summit provided. Our team met so many amazing people and made some great connections. To put it all together, it was an incredible experience and we would highly recommend it to everyone interested in affiliate marketing.

Why IAS is a Must-Attend Event

  1. This is the perfect opportunity to establish professional connections through the seamless networking that it offers.

  2. You are exposed to a variety of expert insights at the affiliate's masterclass.

  3. The premier place for keeping up-to-date with the newest technological advancements in advertising and affiliate marketing.

  4. It broadens your monetization capabilities and helps you build a higher ROI.

  5. It assists you in generating enormous leads and closing game-changing deals with marketers from all corners of the world.

This event brings everything under one roof, and it is up to the visitors to find out how to make the most of it.


This amazing event brings together marketers from all over the world, with thousands of industry professionals attending to take advantage of excellent networking opportunities, insights, and advice on how to boost the bottom line.

This is an excellent event that offers a wealth of information and networking opportunities. Through our communication with the attendees, we got to know that they were very impressed with the panels on affiliate marketing tips and tricks. They believe that it will help them grow both personally and professionally. So, we highly recommend you attend the India Affiliate Summit in the future, to get the advantage of extensive networking and broad knowledge.

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