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For affiliates, advertisers and ad networks to help them track, optimize and measure the performance of their networks.

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Features that take you to the Next Level!

Committed to continuous improvement, our R&D team always comes up with innovative ideas for enhancing the features of SaaS technology.

Tracking & Analytics

Go beyond geo to include carriers, languages, and delivering campaigns to the correct people.

Anti - Fraud

Anti-Fraud features not only to detect fraudulent traffic but also prevent the traffic. No malicious traffic will go unnoticed from our in-house fraud detection feature.


Offer18 recognizes the importance of automation and continues to develop new automated capabilities that can boost production while lowering costs.


Offer18 has introduced a complete white-label solution for managing their affiliate network and through which users can show their brands to their partners.

Compatible Solution for All Businesses

A top-notch solution to build for fulfilling all requirements of the Performance Marketing Industry.

Affiliate Networks

One platform to track, measure business performance and modernize the process of affiliate networks.

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Easy to tie-up with direct publishers & Rapid integration format helps agencies to complete integration with their advertisers.

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Gather and analyze data from all areas that affect your online store and use it to discover consumer behavior to result in more sales.

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Instant Migration

You have access to many tools and features with us to make the migration process as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Customer support

Many organizations recognize Offer18 as a leader in customer support services.


We collaborate with new partners and develop integrations continuously. It supports mutual clients' success.


It is critical to review technology, improve processes, and train team members during onboarding.

Services to keep you Ahead

Our greatest asset is the customer! Treating each customer as if they are the special one with our award-winning customer services.


Organizations keep migrating to Offer18 and state why they looked into other alternatives.

Igknights Media (OPC) Private Limited is a premium mobile agency and user acquisition network based out of India. It provides traffic on CPI, CPT, VAS, CPL, and Gaming (Casino and RMG) verticals. Before starting this company, Abhishek Kapadia, found
Affilienet strive to bring quality leads by directly connecting publishers and advertisers, thereby facilitating a relationship where both parties can benefit and obtain maximum results. Results Reduced cost of tracking Fraudulent click prevention C
AdsFactory is a leading affiliate network, providing services in mobile and desktop vertices. AdsFactory is helping brands to increase return on ads spend and publisher in utilizing their inventory effectively. Results Great satisfaction Unique tool
Adzicon has helped several brands reach out to their target customers and attain a significant level of conversion due to our easy and effective advertising practices. Results Cost efficient advertising. All-encompassing advertisement solution Great
DigiDagno ventures into CPI, CPA, CPL and offers models for Geos globally. We are revered by many and have received several positive feedback from various customers. Results Insightful performance analytics Standardized campaign automation Protectio
SpritAdshub is a top-notch mobile-friendly advertisement network for marketer’s advertisers and also serves as an affiliate marketing platform for publishers. Results Cost-effective solution Traffic Optimization Effective advertising campaigns Pre
Adsfitter employs a data-driven service and collaborates with leading agencies and businesses to ensure that clients are only given the best possible solutions with their campaigns. Through the use of data, and audience analysis, we customize campai
Mobs10media employs novel technology to bring clients scalable options for their media targeting and the means of effectively reaching out to their mobile audience. Mobs10media have worked with leading brands across numerous countries and industries

We Dont, Awards Speaks

We are really thankful to our clients who honored us by giving their valued reviews and preferring Offer18 as their best suiting performance marketing platform.


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