How Performance Creative Can Boost Digital Marketing ROI

Most marketing campaigns have a goal attached to them such as boosting traffic, generating leads, or growing conversions. Performance creative plays a key role in helping businesses attain their desired growth, especially since what customers will likely associate with the most about a great campaign is creative.
Performance creative acts as the bridge intersection between campaigns that are KPI-driven and those that lead with innovation and creativity. In the previous decades, brands optimized their campaigns with either creativity or KPIs but things are changing now as many brands are creating successful campaigns that focus on the two.


Many brands agree that performance creative is critical for a successful campaign but in what way does performance creative boost digital marketing ROI? Here are 5 advantages of performance creative:

Track Performance -

It is easy to gain insight into performance by tracking metrics like impressions, clicks and conversions since performance creative is overwhelmingly digital. Tracking performance can help determine the return on investment and make it easy to make decisions.

Pay for Results -

Another huge attraction to performance creatives is being able to pay for results without undefined overheads. This can be especially beneficial to marketers running lower-funnel campaigns that are driven by specific conversion metrics.

Connect with New or Harder to Reach Audiences -

Performance creative can help broaden the reach of a campaign so it gets to new or harder to reach audiences. This can go a long way to improve lead generation and conversions

Being able to Pivot in Real Time -

Most platforms break down performance by individual advertisement, meaning marketers will be able to see which creative is performing better than the rest. Smart marketers investigate the element that’s behind the performance and use it for other media to see if the conversion rate can be further optimized.

Budgeting and Setting Spending Units -

Performance creative allows for easy budgeting since marketers are able to identify goals and estimate the costs of each action right from the beginning of the planning. This equally helps in optimizing ads according to the campaign’s goals.

Building Trust with Your Target Audience Through Performance Creative

Generally, a creative should pique the interest of a reader and most brands are able to get it right. However, the challenge is being able to establish trust so readers can respond to the call to action.
The ideal thing to do is to address and remove possible barriers that may discourage readers and one of them is to simplify the means of engaging with your brand. It also helps to build a synergy between other departments in your brand so they are well-positioned to discuss and troubleshoot the most common questions and complaints of your target audience.

Regardless of how brilliant your performance creatives are, it is important to keep in mind that more than half of your audience will not perform a call to action immediately or even at all. Thus, the key to long-term, sustainable ROI is making sure that you’re true to your brand’s values and that you maintain a great relationship with your audience.

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