Why Personalization is Crucial for e-Commerce Portal

Why Personalization is Crucial for e-Commerce Portal

Personalization is one of the most reliable ways e-commerce websites and other web platforms improve their users’ experience. On a personalized e-commerce site, users can get information and product suggestions based on their previous activities on the website. Integrating personalization into an e-commerce portal is even more important because a portal is a self-services section with several resources that users can utilize.

In this article, we shall discuss why personalization is crucial for an e-commerce portal

1. Users will spend less time looking for what they need

An e-commerce portal is a resource that users can take advantage of to get information about a business and how they can get the best from the e-commerce site. When content in an e-commerce portal is personalized based on their previous activities while interacting with the site, it is much easier for them to find what they need in the shortest time possible.

2. It reduces pressure on the company’s support team

One of the core reasons for having a website portal is to enable the business’ stakeholders such as customers, investors, and suppliers to interact with the business without having to directly contact the support team. Integrating personalization in the e-commerce portal will make this even more effective.

When all information in the portal is tailored to the user, it becomes less likely for them to contact the support team. In the end, this will give the support team more time to deal with users whose queries can’t be resolved using the website’s portal.

3. Improved customer support ratings

Having a reliable e-commerce portal will greatly enhance the customer support ratings on the internet. According to a study by Salesforce, over 89% of consumers are willing to make another purchase after getting a good customer experience from a brand. At the of the day, giving customers a personalized customer service experience through the e-commerce portal will lead to better customer service ratings, more repeat sales, and more revenue.

4. Less bounce rate

The bounce rate represents the percentage of users who enter a website and leave without viewing more than one page. One of the targets of an e-commerce website owner is to ensure the website visitors get what they want whenever they come to the website to reduce the bounce rate.

When there is a personalized experience on the e-commerce portal, it will be less likely that a user will visit this portal and leave without checking out several other pages. At the end of the day, a significant percentage of website visitors will become paying customers just because of the personalized experience created for them

Bringing up the rear

Personalization is very crucial for any e-commerce website that wants to thrive in this era. Most consumers are now used to personalized web platforms, so creating a personalized experience on an e-commerce site will increase a business’ chances of turning casual website visitors into paying customers.

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