OfferSync Version 2.0 - Advanced and Extended Features

OfferSync Version 2.0 - Advanced and Extended Features

Creating a campaign is the first and foremost task performed by every affiliate marketer, and doing it manually is a very time-consuming and hectic process. You can create a few campaigns, but what if you have to create campaigns in bulk? It’d require a separate team and also increase the chances of mistakes. Also, you have to update your campaigns every time as per changes made by your advertisers.

To address this situation, Offer18 has launched a new version of OfferSYNC that makes offer creation simple and easy. You can sync offers automatically in bulk from your advertisers in a few clicks.

Version 2.0 of OfferSYNC Includes:-

  1. Automatic Affiliate Assigning Opportunity - Offer18 came up with the automatic affiliate assigning opportunity, where after synchronizing the offers and selecting the already created affiliate, the affiliates will be automatically assigned to all the synced offers. No matter if you are syncing 10 offers or 1000, this will work for all of them.

  2. Various Options of Taking Overcapping Action - Overcapping action is what helps you optimize unused traffic. There was only one overcapping action by default in the previous version, but in the advanced version of OfferSync, there are many overcapping actions that can be selected based on the needs of the business.

  3. Offer Preview - In the easy-to-understand version of the offer sync, an offer preview is also available. While syncing the offers in your dashboard, you can check the geo, offer visibility, offer category, creatives, pricing models, etc. It gives you a raw idea of which affiliates are best suited to promote the specific offer, and you can assign campaigns to only those affiliates.

  4. API Debugging - This new version of OfferSync allows you to check the raw response of offers before syncing them in your Offer18 dashboard panel. This concept, which is basically known as an API connection test or API debugging, is what makes your offer syncing experience smooth and reliable.

  5. Easy Offer Selection - Now you can easily select the offers to sync and start working on them. This version 2.0 of OfferSync simplifies your task by presenting clear pictures of all the fields. Moreover, now you can easily fetch 1000 offers simultaneously and assign affiliates for those offers automatically. Isn’t it fascinating?

Any changes made to your advertiser's campaigns will also be reflected on your end. It can save lots of time, energy, money, and manpower.

How Offer Sync Version 2.0 is Beneficial for You?

The 2.0 version of Offer Sync comes with ever-advanced features that will enhance your campaign performance and provide you with a great experience to work on. Read below to know more about how it can enhance your business performance and boost your revenue.

  • Automatic Functionality - The new offerSync version operates automatically on an internal algorithm once the preferences are selected. Now you can automatically sync the offers, assign the offers to various affiliates, enable custom fallback which can be global or offer specific, choose any overcapping action etc.

  • Saves time and effort - Time is the currency these days, and you can earn this money by saving your time and putting it into more profitable areas. Yes! Due to its automatic functionality, it has already saved a lot of time and effort for our users and helped them achieve their business goals effectively.

  • Real-time - Offer synchronization works on a real-time basis, and you can sync the offers in real-time and check the up-to-date logs of offer sync including their time, status, total no. of offers, active, updated or new offers, execution time, and other information in your Offer18 dashboard.

  • Reduced complexity - All of the complex tasks of offer syncing have been replaced by simple, automatic, and easy-to-fetch offer capabilities. The new version reduces the complexity and presents the simple task on a platter for its valuable clients.

  • Optimize the waste traffic - With the advanced features of taking multiple overcapping actions such as enabling fallback, stop offer, approve, and pending or rejected conversions, you can optimize the waste traffic and use it in more lucrative ways.


Offer18 understands the needs and business requirements of the clients and therefore always comes up with either launching new products or updating existing ones. To smoothen the offer fetching experience for the clients, reduce the time and complexity of syncing offers, and make the operations automatic, this offerSync version is introduced.

We are hoping that it will ease your work and provide you with a better experience.

If you need any assistance using this or any other feature of the platform, you can visit the knowledge base or contact our technical support team by clicking on the chat box icon in the lower right corner of your dashboard. They remain available every time to assist you.

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